Project Management for ERP Projects & IT Projects in Finance & Accounting

Software solutions for process support in companies are not only being introduced in the current age of digitization. Driven, among other things, by the need for internal or external change due to competitive pressure, growth, globalization efforts, legal requirements and a multitude of new innovative solutions on the market, the number of IT and IT-related projects, especially in finance and accounting, has increased in recent years.

Challenges during the Implementation of ERP & IT Projects

Many companies, decision-makers and managers face a variety of challenges in IT and IT-related projects. Ideally, initiatives to implement ERP and IT projects are the result of optimization and standardization efforts. In the best case scenario, the organization is willing to embark on the necessary change process and to make sufficient internal and external resources and know-how available. In many cases, one or more of these and other aspects are not sufficiently represented and jeopardize the success of such projects, which are usually crucial for the company and its stakeholders. The following points in particular often drive up project costs unnecessarily, lead to discontent on the part of all those involved and can even jeopardize the entire project.

Project Risks in ERP & IT Projects

  • A limited, technical and process-related understanding of the internal or external implementation partner
  • The distance between the IT partner and the technical department
  • A lack of understanding of end-to-end process thinking
  • The lack of a sparring partner for the technical department and the lack of knowledge in the professional management of such change efforts.
  • A limited overview of current systems and technical possibilities for the area of finance

Project Management & Technical Expertise as a Critical Success Factor for ERP & IT Projects

The successful implementation of ERP and IT projects requires, on the one hand, excellent project management expertise and perfect project approaches in technical as well as technically oriented projects. Besides the pure management of costs and time, it is also important to align the project result and its quality with the client’s requirements from the beginning to the end of the project. To achieve this, it is essential to understand, communicate and translate both the technical areas and the IT implementation partners. This aspect is becoming increasingly important, especially when external partners, in particular pure implementation companies, are involved. The target-oriented control of external partners is an essential success factor and requires appropriate knowledge of how to deal with them.

Every meaningful project per se leads to changes. These changes must be managed on a small or large scale. The task of the project management is to recognize the need for change and to derive appropriate measures. Depending on the scope and size of the project, change management can be provided as part of project management or it can become a dedicated part of the project under overall control. As a result, it is crucial to fall back on proven adjustable procedures and corresponding know-how from comparative projects.

Your Projects – Our Mutual Success

WTS Advisory has extensive experience in the implementation of technically driven IT projects (e.g. planning, new ERP implementations/optimizations, consolidation, robotics, process projects). Our holistic approach from project initiation to the transfer of the solution to operations, coupled with our in-depth technical know-how, our understanding of the interplay between the technical department and IT, our knowledge of the management of internal and external resources and our change management expertise, will let us be at your side to ensure the successful and secure implementation of your projects. In addition, we have access to proven experts for many special projects in finance and accounting as well as for tax issues. In addition to individual project management, we also know how to successfully manage and coordinate several parallel projects (multi-project management, program and portfolio management).

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 Moritz Pawelke Partner