Data Protection & Data Security in Companies

The term data protection or data security was originally understood to mean the protection of data itself in the sense of data security, e.g. against loss, alteration or theft. In the meantime, the interpretation of term data protection has been extended and also includes organizational and technical measures against the misuse of data within an organization. The term data security refers to technical measures against the erasure and falsification of data.

Problem of Data Protection & Data Security

Our data protection and data security services are particularly relevant to you in the following situations:

  • Lack of an overview and/or documentation for the existing structures, processes and systems with regard to data protection.
  • Lack of an internal data protection officer

Development of Adequate Data Protection 

Our services in the area of data protection/data security include in particular:

  • Analysis/recording and documentation of structures, processes and systems with relevance for data protection
  • Derivation, design and implementation of potential for optimization in the area of data security
  • Analysis and documentation of the situation in the area of data protection and identification of possible improvement measures
  • Position of the external data protection officer

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 Nikolaus Färber Member of the Board/Partner