Outsourcing financial reporting in special situations

Even in special situations such as a carve-out, the implementation of a new ERP system or restructurings, the requirements for financial accounting as well as for the preparation of monthly/quarterly reporting and annual/consolidated financial statements in accordance with HGB and/or IFRS must be met in full and on time. This also includes taking care of and supporting the auditors throughout the entire audit process. If in special situations the existing accounting capacities are no longer available to the necessary extent, companies can often bridge these times with the help of external support, i.e., by means of a service provider specialized for this purpose.

Your challenges

Companies are often exposed to special situations in the Finance department, such as:

  • Purchase/sale, carve-out projects, restructurings (e.g. relocations)
  • ERP- System change
  • Changes in the finance function (e.g. outsourcing, insourcing), staff turnover (e.g. maternity leave, demographic trends)
  • Expansion of reporting requirements
  • Lack of know-how (for example for consolidation/group financial statements)
  • “Bottlenecks” in accounting caused by other factors

In these special situations, the previous accounting and reporting capacities are only available to a limited extent or are no longer available at all, and it takes some time to overcome the resource bottlenecks. Too much time usually elapses before a new accounting and reporting unit is established and fully functional with well-established processes.

Our services

We flexibly take over the accounting and reporting function (or parts thereof) on an interim or permanent basis. This includes the following services:

  • Carrying out day-to-day accounting and preparing financial statements and reportings (monthly, quarterly, annual and, if applicable, consolidated financial statements) in accordance with HGB and/or IFRS
  • Execution of supporting controlling activities based on the company-specific KPIs as well as the
  • Planning, control and monitoring of the respective closing processes.

Furthermore, we also perform ICS activities such as internal controls, in accordance with your  requirements

We work on the client's system, for example with SAP. In doing so, we use experienced employees, many of whom have both a consulting and an industry background.

In addition, we also take on project management for monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements using agile methods, if required.

Our approach

Our proceeding

An agile project & program management: We use the appropriate tools, adapted to your infrastructure and the specific project needs.

WTS Advisory as your partner for the outsourcing of financial reporting

We also support you with special topics in the context of ongoing accounting in accordance with HGB and IFRS, IFRS updates, and particularly with valuation-relevant issues (e.g. impairment test goodwill, accounting for share-based payments).

 Hans-Georg Weber Partner