Digital Architecture Consulting

Tech-enabled consulting of the next generation, at the intersection of technology and management consulting.

Modern solutions to corporate management require more than business knowledge and domain expertise; today, success factors rely on the value creation from data, disruptive technologies, agile processes and innovative process models. At WTS Advisory, we continue to shape this development with our customers and combine the deep domain expertise of WTS and WTS Advisory in tax and finance with know-how on data value creation, innovation and change processes. Using cloud-based technologies and intelligent tools, we find flexible, scalable, data-driven solutions to overcome the acute challenges and meet the strategic goals of our clients.

Core Values - What makes us different?

Man + Machine

We are tech-enabled and human-centered. Our solutions create a balance between both. Modern architectures to unburden and develop your team.

Agile and Reverse

Our solutions combine design thinking, lean startup and agile process models. We first ask where you want to go and then look at what data we need to get there.


Our approach is fundamentally "technology-agnostic". #ilovemytool doesn't exist. Best practice is what we bring.

Data value creation - the basis of future corporate management

Our central process model is the data value chain. It starts with our customers' questions and leads holistically through all the individual steps required to answer them; from the integration of a wide range of sources to the automated publication of up-to-date reports based on a comprehensive governance concept. The goal is always to create a decentralized and flexible structure that minimizes the need for manual intervention, creates a reliable information base, and delivers faster and better results on this basis.

What questions do our customers ask?

  • How do I implement true self-service in my company?

  • How do I connect my data to create value?

  • How does data value creation change my business model?

  • How do I create innovation without having to wait for change in fundamental structures?

  • How does agile transformation work?

  • What talents and skills does my team need?

  • Where are the hidden potentials for efficiency and automation?

  • What opportunities does linking external and internal data offer me in managing operational processes?

  • What software do I really need?

  • What does the cloud offer me?

  • What should I still handle myself?

  • Which partners do I need for the rest?

  • How do I get a grip on the issue of data quality?


What are our answers to these questions?

Learn more about our consulting approach with the help of customer stories and project examples.

If you are interested and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Moritz Pawelke Partner