OneStream offers a state-of-the-art and innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform for financial consolidation, planning and budgeting, financial analysis and reporting for medium-sized to very large companies in demanding and complex environments.

A Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform for the entire financial processes

The vision of OneStream the development of a unified solution for the entire finance department to replace fragmented approaches and solutions. This idea is also reflected in OneStream's licensing model. Licensing is based on a Named User concept for the entire use of the CPM platform to allow easy deployment.

A central master data model is at the heart of the platform. In contrast to many other software tools, the master data is not stored separately for each process or topic, but in a master data directory for the entire platform. Within this directory, it is possible to define different versions for the individual processes, such as consolidation or forecasting. Among other things, different levels of detail are customizable depending on different scenarios and subsidiaries.

For all processes mapped on the platform, there is ultimately a uniform and user-friendly interface, which allows users to move freely in applications according to their individual tasks and limited by compliance requirements.

High focus on customer satisfaction and user-friendliness

OneStream follows the mission of 100% customer satisfaction. The company's goal is to ensure that all customers using OneStream represent references without exception. Various measures are taken to ensure this target. Each implementation project, for example, is accompanied by OneStream so that countermeasures can be initiated immediately if difficulties arise. In addition, high support levels and short response times have top priority.

Legal consolidation: Standardized and yet flexible

Looking at OneStream from a functional perspective, legal consolidation is a key process. Tasks such as currency conversion or the mechanics of consolidation are standardized and only need to be parameterized when setting up. In addition, there is the option of supplementing the standard functionalities with rule-based consolidation facts. So-called member formulas ensure additional flexibility, for example, to determine individual KPIs.

ETL (Extract Transform Load) functionality is available for transferring data from pre-systems to OneStream. This allows any pre-systems to be connected directly to the CPM system. During the data upload, the financial data can be mapped, validated and loaded into the group chart of accounts. In addition, manual data entry or uploading via an Excel interface is also possible.

Workflows enable smooth process flows

A workflow component is available for the orchestration of the closing process or other processes. This allows definition of context-dependent workflows, whereby the user is only shown his individual process steps and tasks for the respective company and the respective scenario. Thus, the user interface can be greatly simplified. This is one of the reasons for the high acceptance and satisfaction of the OneStream users.

The OneStream Marketplace offers high value added for customers

In addition to the processes of legal consolidation, planning, financial analysis and reporting, OneStream also provides additional features. OneStream users have the possibility of flexibly building up own planning models. The Marketplace offers predefined solutions to download free of charge and allows the usage of individually relevant CPM functions. Planning models are also available for the areas of HR, capital, cash, sales, projects and others. After importing them into the application, they can be customized to reflect individual requirements.

The predefined models are available not only for planning processes, but also for many other financial processes. These include solutions for account reconciliation, the closing process, the calculation of current and deferred taxes or various compliance requirements.

Furthermore, the Marketplace offers the possibility of quick access to the latest developments in the areas of machine learning and predictive analytics.

Relational Blending

Relational Blending is another important functionality, which allows integrating relational data into the multidimensional data model. For example, data from pre-systems can be accessed in full detail without loading this data into the application. Some Marketplace applications work with relational data to generate the data for the application on a granular level. In addition, data from external sources can be integrated into the application without loading it, for example to create dashboards.

CPM in the Cloud (SaaS) and On-Premises

OneStream is completely flexible when it comes to choose between cloud or on-premises. Both scenarios are absolutely identical in terms of functionality. The customer can choose freely. Switching between the two options is possible at any time. If the decision is made for the XF Cloud, OneStream is made available on Microsoft Azure. An availability of 99.9% is guaranteed. Regular upgrades are always provided in consultation with the customer.

OneStream: SmartCPM

Regardless of the technical substructure, OneStream provides a solution for a wide range of tasks. From consolidation, to planning, to reporting, all financial processes can be integrated on the platform. In conjunction with the Marketplace, customers also receive a very flexible solution to master current and future challenges in finance departments successfully.

WTS Advisory as OneStream Partner is always at your disposal to evaluate and execute implementations of OneStream.

 Moritz Pawelke Partner