Financial Reporting

The financial reporting area at WTS Advisory offers you fast and efficient support thanks to a mentality that focuses on the goals and implementation while pursuing the work pragmatically with a hands-on approach. We give you an overview of everything thanks to our interface competence in all adjacent areas. In this area, we cover the subject areas of accounting, reporting and capital markets. The scope of our advisory services is always based on your needs and can be adjusted flexibly. We would be glad to handle selective coaching or relieve your team of the burden by undertaking the full outsourcing of the respective areas of responsibility.


In the accounting area, our accounting advisory services focus on international accounting (particularly IFRS and US-GAAP), but also accounting in the area of the German Commercial Code (HGB). In addition, we have extensive experience in the area of IFRS/US-GAAP conversions, the development of practice-oriented accounting guidelines and manuals as well as the drafting of expert opinions and second opinions. 


In the reporting area, we will advise you on all questions related to the preparation of financial statements and the optimization of related processes. This includes, for example, support for financial statements and assistance with audits, the preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) or IFRS, the drawing-up of special balance sheets and the optimization of accounting and fast close. Our advisory portfolio is rounded out by special topics such as IPO readiness or assistance with audits by the German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel and CSSF as well as support in the transposition of IFRS financial statements to the IASB taxonomy and in company-specific expansions of taxonomy (iXBRL). 

Capital Markets

In the capital markets division, we provide you with comprehensive advice on all issues that you need to consider on your way to the capital market. In the area of IPO readiness, this includes IFRS conversion as a basis and the development of the necessary GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) environment, such as the establishment of an efficient internal control system and the implementation of a risk management system. In addition, we support you with the accounting-relevant parts of a prospectus and are available with the experience of a multitude of accompanied IPOs with an experienced PMO approach. In addition, we ensure that all relevant issues that become relevant for the time after an IPO are implemented accordingly, such as the preparation of documentation for an enforcement procedure by the regulatory authorities. In ongoing enforcement procedures, we are also available to provide advice and practical assistance in this area, based on our experience and a focus on implementation.